About us

Our company EXIMA was established in 1991 and during of its existence had gradually transformed into a limited company.

EXIMA has established its business philosophy based on principles of quality, innovation, evaluation and research of the customers´s needs. We customize the arrangement of out goods and services to the customer´s demands. At the same time, we have also focused on growth and internationalization of business partnership and proudly EXIMA has become one of the oldest companies in the construction sector of the Slovak market.

EXIMA offers a complete and varied product line with high aesthetics and functionality with regard to color combinations, workings, size and design in order to offer a complete project to our customers.

With the assortment of products we offer, you will find building materials, furniture and sanitary ware among the additional product mix of doors, hand rails and decorative items.

Aside from its core business activity, EXIMA provides its clients with a wide range of services such as construction work, sanitary ware installation, furniture assembly, and also consultation in complete interior design and furnishings and technical assistance in the construction industry.

The philosophy of EXIMA has always been based on offering high quality, technically superior products. Therefore, EXIMA represents the best manufacturers in Europe, Asia and America whose products satisfy strenous European quality standards which are certified by European and Slovak governmental and licensing authorities and institutions.

Od roku 2005, EXIMA has launched a system of quality control management in accord with STN EN ISO 9001:2001 standards which includes a whole process beginning with the selection of offered goods to complex resolutions and constant satisfaction of customers´ needs with a professional emphasis, but also addresses the corporate culture and growth in the company, financial stability and growth, and establishing a good workplace environment for our employee.

The reputation and longevity of EXIMA and the consistent high quality of our numerous products is well established in the Slovak marketplace which is attested through widespread recognition of our trademarked name, EXIMA, which is recorded through the Ministry of Industrial Property of Slovak Republic.

The company´s ambition is to introduce new industry trends, to maintain high product standards and to extend the number of product lines and services we offer while maintaining our company´s position as a leader in our industry through our core business and continuous growth.

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